Surfing started in Siargao Island sometime in June of 1980. Two young men Tony Arruza, an American Cuban descent, and Steve Jones, an Australian came to General Luna “in search of a perfect wave.” They surfed in that area now known as the “Jacking Horse”, near what is now “Cloud 9”. Word  pread around in the Surfing world that there is a secret place in Siargao Island which has good surf. Intermittently, surfers came and among them was a man who introduced himself as “Max Walker.” He surf the area in what is now “Cloud Nine”. He seemed to be a troubled man and this was proven when he died fasting right in the area “Max Walker” turned out to be a legendary man who founded several surfing camps of Southeast Asia, like Nias and G-Land in Indonesia, his name is John Michael Boyum.

     Then in 1992 the world famous surfing photographer John Callahan with legendary people in the surfing world like, Kevin Davidson, John Slater and Taylor Knox took pictures riding the big surf in “Cloud Nine”. Said pictures landed in the surfing magazines in all Languages all over the world and – the ball started rolling.

     During the dry season (April to October) surfers drove to the big waves outside the cove. Typhoons that hits the upper part of Philippines (average of 26 a year) generates tremendous energy that waves of world class quality pound the northeastern portion of the town where the famous “Cloud 9” is located. There are 7 other surfing areas of world class quality in the town of Gen. Luna in the same summer months, marlin yellow fin, tuna, sailfish dorado, wahoo and other big game fishes around area. Its crystalline waters are so clean and pure that you can see schools of fish ten fathoms deep. Kayaking and sailing are also the favorite pastime of nature lovers who probes the hundred off inlets and hidden coves not only in General Luna but also of Siargao   Island.

Mayor Jaime Rusillon of General Luna, Siargao Island “known as the Father of Philippine Surfing”

      During the monsoon season, the surf goes so big that only the intrepid and big – hearted surfers dare to ride “Cloud 9”. Most settle on the other surfing areas. In the cover however, because of the almost steady blowing of the monsoon wind, wind surfers have a field day. This and a lot more awaits you in Gen. Luna.

      A recently discovered underwater cave off the coast of Barangay Libertad, just a mile north of “Cloud 9” will be an added attraction to the island. Dubbed as the “Blue Cathedral, it is also huge that the biggest church in the Philippines can fit inside a lot more room to explore.