Programs and Services

Goal: To ensure the safety of the entire community from being harmed from further abuse, neglect or exploitation.


  1. Install CCTV to strategic places to hinder incidence of crime
  1. Strengthen relationship among various agencies and LGU’s
  2. Increase the number of trained tanods
  3. Strengthen Barangay Intelligence Network
  4. To increase the functionality of Municipal and Brgy. Peace and Order Council.
  5. Strengthen Citizen’s Crime Watch
  6. Strengthen the capabilities of Lupon Tagapamayapa
  7. Strengthen the capability Bantay Dagat through trainings
  8. Enhance early warning system to prevent massive loss of lives and properties in case of disaster incidence







Desired Outcome

Implementation Details
Time Frame Resource Requirements Source
Crime Prevention/ Establishment of Police outpost/ Barangay visit Police visibility and crime reduction 2022-2025 To be determined MPOC fund
Anti-Illegal Drug Operations/Campaign Program Reduce and possibly eradicate drug dealing and peddling activities 2022-2025 300,000.00 MPOC fund
Organization, creation and capacity building pf General Civil Anti-illegal drug advocate board. Presence of functioning Anti-Illegal Drug Advocate Board 2022-2025 300,000.00 MPOC fund
Support to Administrative and Logistic activities of PNP Skills Training for BPAT Members conducted, subsistence support provided, support in filing cases 2022-2025 To be determine MPOC fund
Accreditation of Barangay Tanods Barangay Tanod Accredited, trained and  skilled  2022-2025 100,000.00 MPOC fund
Strengthening the MADAC and BADAC Trained and functional  M/BADAC 2022-2025 300,000.00 MPOC fund
Emergency/Crisis Management & Fire Safety        
*Conduct regular inspection to all public, private, and commercial buildings (especially the homestay)


Safety of owners, clients, and the public


2022-2025 100,000.00 MPOC fund
* Oplan Ligtas Pamayanan (OLP) Organized Community Fire Auxiliary Group in mainland Barangays, Information Campaign on Fire Prevention


Organized Community Fire Auxiliary Group in mainland Barangays, Information Campaign on Fire Prevention


2022-2025 100,000.00 MPOC fund
* Maintenance of Equipment (Fire Trucks, PPEs such as Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Fire Station. Equipment/apparatus maintained


2022-2025 To be determined MPOC fund
 Safety and Security Environmental Numbering System (SSEN) Registration of all motor banca/pump boat in GL’s Barangay Implemented SSEN


2022-2025 To be determined MPOC fund
CCTV Cameras installations in all strategic areas CCTV cameras installed for monitoring of traffic flows and any criminal acts. 2022-2025 2M MPOC fund
DRR CCA Enhanced Municipal    Development and Physical Framework Plan (MDPFP) Updated the plan and procured IT equipment e.g laptop and printer


2022-2025 200,000.00 MDRRMF(5%)
Updating of Municipal Disaster Risk    Reduction and Management Plan & Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) Updated the plan.


2022-2025 400,00.00 MDRRMF(5%)
Typhoon / Earthquake/ Tsunami Contingency Plan Prepared and guided during emergencies 2022-2025 200,000.00 MDRRMF(5%)
Acquisition of CCTV and handheld Radio with base


Faster and efficient monitor/reporting and response system


Conduct of risk assessment vulnerability analysis, Conducted research & Survey.


2022-2025 500,000.00 MDRRMF (5%)
Construction of Evacuation Center Ready to use evacuation Center during emergencies 2022-2025 50,000,000.00 DPWH/OCD NGO
Installation made of concrete/steel Early warning system for 19 Barangay’s. Enhance the community for Pre and Post Disaster, Updating EWS 2022-2025 500,000.00 MDRRMF (5%)
Build-up of Rescue Gears/ Equipment/PPEs


Procured, maintained  disaster response and res-cue gears equip-ment/PPEs e.g. rescue boats, flat bed truck, heavy equipment, portable generator, etc 2022-2025 500,000.00 MDRRMF SIKAT     RED CROSS NGO


Activation of Emergency Operation Center


– Activated EOC and maintained 24/7 services and provided food and other logistical needs of the response teams during disaster operations. 2022-2025 300,000.00 MDRRMF (5%)
Disaster Response Mobilization


Mobilized equipment fleets for quick response, maintained vehicles, dis-patched response teams for MHPSS, RDANA, PDANA, other activities 2022-2025 1,000,000.00 MDRRMF (5%)
Procurement of Emergency Response Vehicle Availability and ready for use during emergency situation 2022-2025 1.5M MDRRMF/National
Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Services Implementation of Plans 2022-2025 15M GF/MDRRMF/Other sources
Enforcement of penalties to violators of traffic laws, 10 % of the amount will go to the apprehending officer. Less crime and violators 2022-2025 To be determined GF