Primary Care Program including provision of medicines, increasing access to health care services, and other programs targeting service deliveryIncreased access to health care   Decrease maternal mortality rates   Decrease specific disease mortality rates2022-2025RHU2.3MGF
Access to secondary and tertiary health servicesAvailability and maintenance of existing transport vehicles2022-2025RHU750,000.00GF
Purchase of medicines, medical supplies, and equipment needed to carry out the services herein enumeratedAvailable drugs and medicine anytime.2022-2025RHU6.0 MGF
Rehabilitation programs for victims of drug abuseFunctional Community based rehabilitation program2022-2024RHU450,000.00GF
Nutrition services and family planning servicesDecrease in malnutrition rate in GL and reduced mortality  rate.2022-2024RHU1.3MGF
Clinic, health centers, and other health facilities necessary to carry out health servicesMaintenance and renovation, equipment of existing and newly built health centers2022-2024RHU600,000.00GF
Functional epidemiological surveillance unitFunctional and budgeted epidemiological surveillance unit2022-2025RHU1MGF
Maintain Philhealth accreditation for Primary Care Benefit Package and apply accreditation for Maternal Care Package, Newborn Screening Package, and TB-DOTS Package for PhilhealthRe-accreditation of facility (stopped due to Typhoon Odette)2022-2024RHU600,000.00GF
Avail grants from the Health Facility Enhancement Program of DOH and other organizations such as AECID for the upgrade of heath facilityFunctional infrastructure and well-equipped facilities2022-2024RHU10,000,000.00HFEP
Fulfillment of mandate for 1 nurse per barangayReadily available GIDA nurses and increased access to health for GIDA areas2022-2024RHU5MGF
Improve prenatal care services, Philhealth accreditation for Maternal Care Package, and quarterly program implementation review to improve maternal health statistics.Implementation of First 1000 days program for pregnant mothers and newborn children   Re-accreditation and re-functionalization of birthing clinic2022-2024RHU600,000.00GF
Repair and upgrading of all BHS due to damaged brought about by typhoon Odette. Repaired and functional BHS for each barangay2022-2024RHU6.3MHFEP
Nutrition ProgramDecreased number of malnourished and stunted children   Decreased number of obese men and women2022-2025RHU1.2MGF
Full implementation of Expanded Program on Immunization and Garantisadong PambataFully functional immunization program   EPI program that is prepared for devolution2022-2024RHU3.1MGF
Increase in Philhealth enrollees (Indigent and Non Formal Sector)100% enrollment to Philhealth in preparation for Universal Health Care2022-2024RHU600,000.00GF
Established Mental Health ProgramIncrease in health seeking behavior for mental health   Decreased cases of psychiatric incidences2022-2025RHU600,000GF
Established Deworming ProgramDecreased incidence of soil-transmitted helminthiasis   Properly devolved municipal program for deworming2022-2025RHU450,000GF
HIV/AIDS ProgramDecreased cases of HIV Increased awareness regarding STDs and prevention2023-2025RHU600,000GF
Blood Donation Program1% of population donating blood2023-2025RHU450,000GF/GAD
TB-DOTS ProgramDecreased incidence of TB Increased cure rates for tuberculosis2023-2025RHU600,000GF
Health Information SystemAdoption of iClinicSys2023-20255RHU450,000GF
Adolescent Health ProgramDecreased incidence of teenage pregnancy Health champions among youth groups2023-2025RHU300,000GF/GAD
BHW Development and Training ProgramEstablished ordinance for BHW rights and retirement Capacitated BHWs2022-2025RHU1.2MGF
Responsible Pet Ownership ProgramConduction of spaying and neutering   Conducting responsible pet ownership programs2022-2025RHU600,000GF
Fully functional Trauma Center and Super Health CenterFully equipped and staffed Super RHU and Trauma Center2023-2025RHU5MGF/HFEP