Health services provide community based consultations.

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Health Services

The Municipal Health Office of General Luna, with the technical support of the Department of Health through the Center for Health Development of Region XIII (CARAGA) and the Provincial DOH Office as well as the Provincial Office, provides services to the community with a focus on the six building blocks. The scope of health service delivery includes primary care consults, utilization of referral systems, treatment and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, supply of essential medicines, health education and promotion, maternal and childcare and immunization and nutrition services. Specific programs launched for General Luna include a targeted fitness program, TB-DOTs program, HIV control and awareness program and a blood donation program. Steps have been undertaken to launch a mental health program, the community-based rehabilitation program and preventive services for specific diseases as well.

Within the municipality, there is no hospital facility, however, the Siargao Island Medical Center, recently undertook it’s transition to become a Level II hospital under the Department of Health, which the municipality has access to. There are a total of 4 private clinics aside from the municipal health center providing health services, and a trauma center is being built as infirmary for our municipality. The municipal health office is manned by 1 physician, regularly hired, 2 public health nurse positions, 6 rural health midwives, 6 emergency responders/ambulance drivers and 207 accredited barangay health workers. The municipality is also a recipient of Nurse Deployment and Medical Technologist Deployment Program of the Department of Health which currently provides 12 nurses and 1 medical technologist to the municipality. 

The Rural Health Unit is complemented by five Barangay Health Stations (BHS) strategically located to form catchment area for clustered barangays. These are located in Barangay Consuelo, Barangay Sta. Fe, Barangay Libertad, Barangay Malinao, and Barangay Suyangan, each of which has 2 to 3 catchment barangays. The Barangay Health Stations are no longer in good condition due to the effect of typhoon Odette and are undergoing renovation.

To address the problem in upgrading health facilities in the area, the municipality has become a recipient of the Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP) of the Department of Health. Repair of the main RHU as damaged by typhoon Odette is partly on due to availability of funds. A scheduled Super Health Center has been funded by the HFEP program as well. To date the municipality has three ambulance vehicles to conduct patients to the District Hospital, 2 of which are from HFEP and 1 from PCSO.