Education Services

Goal: To provide quality education and eradicate illiteracy


  1. Provide a good educational foundation among preschoolers
  2. Enforce elevated training and discipline
  3. Strengthen support for Dep Ed’s Alternative Learning System Program to eradicate illiteracy
  4. Uplift social status through quality education
  5. Conduct home to visitation to decrease school dropouts
  6. Provide beneficial learning facilities
  7. Intensify education campaign to increase enrolment in formal and non-formal Education.


Environmental Services

Goal: Preserve a balanced environment for the welfare of the future generation


  1. Establishment of Category 1 Sanitary Landfill
  2. Establishment of Transfer Station for Island Barangays
  3. Procurement of 1 unit boat for island waste collection
  4. Materials Recovery Facility/Recycling Facility maintenance
  5. Cover-all uniforms and PPEs for garbage collectors and other waste maintenance
  6. Capability building for MENRO and MENRO Personnel handling solid wastes
  7. Capability building for MSWMB and BSWMC
  8. Kalimpyo Kahapsay Heneral Luna (KKHL) Implementation
  9. Coastal and Fisheries Resources Management
  10. Water Quality Management
  11. Forestland Management
  12. Enforcement of Municipal Ordinance on Solid Waste Management