Annual free checkup teachersHealth reasons2022-2025To be determinedThru Cong. Bingo
Teachers Masteral   and Doctoral Scholarship ProgramCapability Building2022-2025To be determinedGF
Provide nursing care to pupils and students with special needsEradicate illiteracy2022-2025To be determinedDep-Ed/ Outsource
Establishment of Science Centrum Make GL District develop innovative Culture.2022-2025To be determinedDOST
School-based pupils/student leadership trainingEquip and trained2022-2025To be determinedDep-Ed
Implement strictly the 3B’s, Bawat Bata BumabasaQuality Education2022-2025To be determinedDep-Ed
Implement the project WATCH –“We Advocate Time Consciousness & HonestyEnforce elevated training and discipline2022-2025To be determinedDep-Ed


▪ Establishment of Category 1 Sanitary Landfill  Established Category 1 disposal site servicing all 19 barangays of General Luna2022-202530MGen. Fund/Nat’l. Agencies/ Other Sources GF
▪ Establishment of Transfer Station for Island Barangays  Established transfer station for storage of selected wastes from Island barangays2022-2025150,000.00GF
▪ Procurement of 1 unit boat for island waste collection  Procured 1 unit boat for collection of wastes in island barangays2022-2025500,000.00GF
▪ Materials Recovery Facility/Recycling Facility maintenanceImproved municipal Materials Recovery Facility2022-2025300,000.00GF
▪ Information Education Communication Campaign/Capability building  Increased public information and awareness pertaining to solid waste segregation and management2022-2025100,000.00GF
Kalimpyo Kahapsay Heneral Luna (KKHL) Implementation  Established best practices2022-2025150,000.00GF
Coastal Resources Management/Mobilization and enforcement operation/ procurement of floating assets/capability building of bantay dagatConducted patrolling within the municipal waters and enforcement of municipal coastal and fisheries resources ordinance2022-2025600,000.00GF
Water and Forest managementMonitored water bodies and enforced laws related to forestland management2022-2025500,000.00GF