Agri-Aquaculture Services

Goal: To meet food requirements without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


  1. Food Sufficiency Program
  2. Production Inputs Subsidy (Seeds, Fertilizer, Foliar, Pesticide, etc)
  3. Nursery and Conference Building
  4. Support for Gulayan sa Paaralan/Tahanan Project
  5. Establishment of Climate-Smart Greenhouse with hydroponics
  6. Technical Extension Development Program

          ▪ Farms & Fisheries Clustering and Consolidation Program or Bayanihan-Ani Clusters

  1. Agri-Business/ Marketing Program

▪ Establishment of GL Trading Center

▪ Banana Cardava Consolidation and Marketing –

▪ Banana Lakatan Production and Marketing, Dapa & Sison, SDN

▪ Natural Brown Rice Production

▪ Geonet (Coconut) Production and Marketing

  1. Rice Resiliency Program
  2. High Value Crops Development Program
  3. Fishery Resiliency Program
  4. Agricultural Infrastructure and Irrigation Development Program
  5. Rice Mechanization Development Program
  6. Enhanced Agri-Fishery Research Development Program
  7. Animal Breeding and Livestock Production

▪ Bangus Production, Processing and Marketing

▪ Swine Production

▪ Establishment of Free-range Poultry Farm

▪Carabao dispersal