Priority PPA’s

Food Sufficiency Program  Agricultural Technology Adopted, Improved Local Agri-fishery service delivery, Sustained Production of Crop Commodities2022-20253MGF/DA/NGA
Irrigation Program and Agricultural Infrastructure Development  Purchased of farm equipment and machineries. Monitored status and operation of machineries and facilities provided for beneficiaries.2022-2025100,000.00Gen. Fund/DA/ Nat’l Agencies    
Agriculture extension and on-site research services and facilities related to agriculture and fishery activities which include dispersal of livestock and poultry, fingerlings, and other seeding materials for aquaculture.Improved production of agricultural products and livestock2022-20251,842,000.00GF/NGA
Provision of palay, corn, and vegetable seed farmsSufficient rice supply  and vegetables for the entire Municipality2022-2025600,000.00GF
Medicinal plant gardensAvailability of medicinal plants2022-2025440,000.00GF
Fruit tree, coconut, and other kinds of seedling nurseries.Increase production2022-2025160,000.00GF
Demonstration farms.Increase knowledge2022-20251,900,000.00GF
Water and soil resource utilization and conservation projectsEnsure availability of water supply2022-2025180,000.00GF
Enforcement of fishery laws in the municipal waters including the conservation of mangrovesTo minimize and eradicate illegal fishing2022-2025300,000.00GF
Establishment of Fish portsTo establish fish landing facility2022-2025150,000.00GF
Undertake applied research, extension, dispersal, management and regulation of agricultural and fisheries machinery and equipment, including the collection of feesTo improve agri–fishery services, in adopting new technology to sustained production  and availability of local supply.2023-2025709,000.00GF